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The Walking Trails of Elephant Rocks State Park Missouri – One of the Most Popular Missouri Parks!

Hiking Trails and Scenic Views at Elephant Rocks State Park in Missouri:

I grew up close to Elephant Rocks State Park, so I’ve loved and enjoyed this place for years!  Located in Bellview Missouri, about 3-4 hours from Springfield, Elephant Rocks State Park (Google maps) is an old granite quarry with lakes, hiking and walking trails, and scenic views!  The walking trails are wheelchair accessible with a braille trail and is an easy hike, but you don’t have to stick to the paths – you’re free to roam the giant rock formations and do some rock climbing as well!

Walking Trails or Rock Climbing:  How About Both!

I always try to stick to the path for the first round each visit, but never make it – the rocks are just too enticing!  I’m sure I’m biased, but this is one the best Missouri parks.

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Below 1st pic: Ascending the main rock formation – a hint of things to come with this crevice. The further you go, the bigger and deeper these crevices get! Below 2nd pic: View from along the walking trail, looking onto some of the flatter sections of rock. Below 3rd pic: At the top, looking into one of the best areas of the park – huge formation split by winding foot trails and large formations to walk and jump across!

More Amazing Missouri Parks and Camping Near Elephant Rocks State Park:

There’s no camping at Elephant Rocks, but there is camping at Johnson’s Shut-ins, another amazing Missouri park that’s about 15-20 miles away from Elephant Rocks – and it also has a plethora of walking trails and beautiful, scenic views (including amazing rock formations you can swim around in the Black River).  If you’re looking for a fun weekend trip, this is definitely one that should be on your list!!

Below 1st pic: interesting rock formations abound at Elephant Rocks State Park!  Below 2nd pic: more of the same granite rock formation, just to the right of the previous pic.

The boulder on the left looks so small 3 pics up, but with this pic you get a hint of it’s sheer size!

Learn more about Elephant Rocks State Park on the Missouri Parks website

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