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Walking Trails: Lost Hill Park Trail in Springfield MO – Missouri Parks

Lat pic above: one of the beautiful water crossings that goes over the walking trail, but be careful as the paths can be under water and slick!

4705 N. Farm Rd 151, Springfield, MO 65803 (North on Grant past Ebenezer, MO)

Next to the trailhead for the Fulbright Spring Greenway trail, Lost Hill Park offers beautiful rock formations and small natural caves along the South Dry Sac River walking trails.  The biking / walking trails are very easy, mostly paved, and it’s not a long hike.  The trail ends at an old cemetery, and with the walk out and back totals less than 3 miles.

Abandoned Structures Along The Walking Trails of Lost Hill Park

For those that follow my blog, you know I love abandoned structures – so I had to include these pics!  While I love parks for their natural beauty, it’s always fun when they include a bit of history such as an old farm, house, or cemetery along the walking trails. This beautiful park includes all the above, along with small river caves and so much more:

About Fulbright Spring Greenway

Starting at Ritter Springs Park, this trail takes you east under Highway 13, past David C. Murray Trailhead and Lost Hill Park, and ends at Truman Elementary school.  This trail is currently just shy of 7 miles on it’s own, but can be increased by taking the different park trails along the route.

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