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Beautiful Horse Riding Trails near Springfield MO – Hercules Glades Wilderness Area

Horse Riding Trails near Springfield MO - Hercules Glades Wilderness Area Horseback Riding Trails

Hercules Glades Wilderness Area and Horse Riding trails Near Springfield MO  

32 trail miles in Bradleyville, Missouri 

I haven’t rode these horse riding trails, just walked them.  Hercules Glades Wilderness Area was absolutely breath taking, even though we were in a mild drought (this pic should have been the Falls, but the water was too low).  The trails are rocky, and hoof protection will be needed for most horses. 

Trailering in to Hercules Glades Missouri trail system will be difficult as the road gets very narrow and steep, and the parking area isn’t very large (at least not the parking area I visited – I followed Google Maps, and it didn’t seem like a public thoroughfare!).  However, it’s worth the trouble – it’s a beautiful set of horse riding trails! 

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More About This Park and It’s Breath Taking Horse Riding Trails:

Hercules Glades Wilderness Area is 12,413 acres of the most scenic and unique country in the Midwest. Its combination of open grassland, forested knobs, steep rocky hillsides, and narrow drainages offers unusual beauty and a measure of solitude within easy reach of wilderness lovers. 

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