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Missouri Horse Trails: Compton Hollow Conservation Area in Rogersville MO

Missouri Horse Trails: Compton Hollow Conservation Area in Rogersville MO

Compton Hollow Conservation Area in Rogersville, Missouri

5.5 trail miles in Rogersville, just east of Springfield MO

This is a nice trail ride, with a bit of human foot traffic and the occasional bike traffic.  Overall, most people are happy to yield to horse traffic and are polite.  I did encounter some leashed dogs, but owners were polite and there were no issues (and importantly, no loose or aggressive dogs when I’ve been there).

I’ve rode Compton Hollow Conservation Area many times!  A lot of the trail consists of a gravel and rock base (basically a small gravel road), but some areas are hard-packed dirt and older, ungraveled road-type surface.  Overall a pleasant ride that most barefoot horses could easily do by staying off to the side of gravel areas if needed, but you may need boots/shoes for the more tender-hooved horses. 

Parking is decent and easy to get to.  Trails can get busy, mostly with hikers, but occasionally with a bike or two on weekends or holidays with nice weather.

Compton Hollow Conservation Area allows hunters during hunting season, so be prepared for the trails to be off-limits during those times.

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*Note – the pic above was taken through the ears of my amazing PSSM horse, Jax – for more info on PSSM and muscle disorders in horses, see my website PSSM – Jax’s Story.

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